Meet Our Grads: Daniela Gil

“I'm committed to living a yogic life.” –Daniela Gil

Meet Daniela Gil, Evolation Yoga alumni. Daniela completed her first training with us 5 years ago in Tampa, Florida. Now she teaches in Santa Monica, Venice, and at Snapchat HQ in California. She is a reknown Akashic Records Practitioner; her spiritual readings can help you learn how to be more conscious and proactive to create positive changes in your life. We asked Daniela a few questions about her yoga journey. 

"What are you most passionate about?"
Sharing Akashic Record Reading trainings!

"What did you enjoy most about your training with Evolation?"
It was so tremendously healing and transformative. I learned so much about myself and it was an initiation into realizing my dharma and committing myself to a life of service.

"What is "yoga" to you?"
Everything! The practice of hatha yoga welcomed me into practices all types of yoga.

"How do you incorporate yoga into your everyday life?"
I'm committed to living a yogic life.

If you're in California and would like to learn more about Daniela's amazing work, check out her website here.