Standing Bow Pulling Pose: Using the Wall

Dandayamana Dhanurasana

How can use the wall to explore your Standing Bow? Evolation co-founder Zefea shares her best advice.

There’s two common mistakes that are often seen in this posture.

  1. Externally-rotating the hip too much, on the side that’s kicking back.

  2. Not kicking back enough before bringing the upper body down.

For mistake #1, stand sideways, with your right arm and leg against the wall. Grab your right foot with your right hand, and raise your left arm in the air to prepare to kick back. As you slowly kick back, try to keep your entire right leg (especially the knee) against the wall until you reach full extension. You may feel you can’t kick back as much, but this prevents you from externally rotating the hip too much, so that you can really feel the benefits of the spine twist in this posture. Then repeat on the other side!

For mistake #2, stand with the front side of your body pressing against the wall. Grab your right foot behind you, and raise your left arm straight up, pressing the palm and chin on the wall. Now try kicking back and up into your hand. You will probably feel a lot of restriction as you kick back, but this allows for much more of a backbend, strengthening those muscles. Now repeat on the other side!

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