Sweetness of Energy

My first yoga class woke me up! I practiced yoga for 7 years before attending my first class – an Ashtanga class. I felt like a child playing with my brother in the safety of our home. When I returned home, the gravity of what was missing from my sole video and book practice struck me. As my door to my condo clicked, my bags fell from my shoulders and I began to cry huge, happy tears. Realizing the impact of yoga beyond the physical benefits sparked my journey into Self-discovery. The community aspect to yoga is so heart-felt and pure. I’m very grateful I found my “tribe.” I want to deepen and broaden my understanding and completely transform what I think I know. To share the peace, security, love and health I’ve experienced through yoga with others would be a tremendously fulfilling honor. The sweetness of energy swirling in a yoga room, the link of my breath to my every move and the open heart space held by all who are present is my complete bliss. I’ve been transformed from living an empty “American Dream” into being awake, alive and conscious – keep the changes coming!

I would love to attend evolation’s training because of the fantastic blend of asana, meditation & yoga philosophy. The career opportunities look fantastic and I’m a new massage therapist who wants to expand my Self-employment. I’ve never heard of a studio offering so much on-going development and even the opportunity to open an evolation studio yourself! We need an evolation studio in South Carolina. I have a degree in Marketing from Clemson and I appreciate the balance between Yoga practice and our western society. The unity offered through evolation to cultivate and spread healing benefits looks simply awesome!

Cassie hails from Greenville, South Carolina. “You don’t realize you're sleeping until you wake up.”