Claudia Debs is a fervent student of this thing called life. In 1997 while attending NYU, Claudia walked into the Jivamukti Yoga School on Lafayette in New York City and took her first yoga class. Having grown up with a background of physical disciplines, there was an instant connection to the graceful command and potential of the human body that the practice enables.

After graduating with a BFA in Acting, Claudia realized that the physical potential could not be forged without the exploration and discipline of the mind. Coupled with a rather late in life diagnosis of severe scoliosis, Claudia found great balance and healing with Bikram Yoga, and in 2002 traveled to Los Angeles to become a certified teacher. In the years that followed, she traveled back to the teacher trainings annually to teach and deepen her knowledge. Having an insatiable appetite for learning about all aspects of yoga, movement, meditation, and energy, she continued teaching Bikram yoga for 8 years in New York City while practicing the Bikram, Jivamukti, and Ashtanga Methods. Somewhere along that journey she was also certified in Level I Pilates.

In 2009 she decided to tap into her creativity on another level, and founded and opened her own studio in her native Brooklyn which blended the various practices that had turned her into a lifelong student. During those 6 years a beautiful, supportive community of practitioners were born. It has always been her nature to recreate and rebirth beyond current limitations, and as the urgings of growth approached once more, Claudia awoke to realize it was time to move forward and close the studio.

She is now completing a year long certification and study as a kinesiologist, in addition to teaching in Brooklyn and Manhattan. When she’s not teaching, she’s reading, writing, listening to music, going to a concert, or traveling. She is beyond ecstatic and grateful to be working with the Evolation team.