We are a supportive and inclusive collective dedicated to personal and transformational yoga teacher training.

Evolation was born from a collective epiphany amongst teachers and students alike – that yoga must have the freedom to evolve in order to elevate the Self towards a higher state of awareness. While many of us came from different paths, our vision of a more expansive practice was the same:

  • remove the rigidity

  • fuse the physical with the mental and spiritual

  • focus on the teachings – not the teacher.

We are deeply rooted in the heated Hatha yoga tradition, espoused by Bishnu Gosh and Bikram Choudhury, as well as the meditation techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda. Evolation has expanded to also embrace practices from other traditions like flow and yin.

Evolation was founded by Zefea Samson and Mark Drost, who both have been on the yoga path for many years and were active members of the Bikram yoga community and training staff. They created Evolation to provide a comprehensive, inclusive and intimate training experience for students who want to study the traditional hot yoga Primary Series, without the associated attachments.

Evolation has grown into a worldwide collective of teachers and studios working together to help develop a unified global yoga community; with independently owned affiliate studios in North and South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. We have conducted over 120 trainings and have guided more than 1,250 students to become successful yoga teachers.

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