Elias a life-long competitive athlete and avid surfer found Hatha yoga in the early 90’s. At this time Elias’ body was showing serious signs of breakdown due to years of wear and tear and a variety of injuries. His body needed help. Elias discovered that Yoga offered deep healing benefits to a body and mind that was locked in a state of chronic stress. He experienced a palpable sense of liberation that he did not find in his sitting meditation practice. Yoga became his physical practice, and meditation, which led him to his first yoga teacher training, Bikram’s Beginning Yoga in 2003.

Since then, Elias has eagerly accrued numerous certifications and has trained with hatha yoga masters such as; Rajashree and Bikram Choudhury (Bikram yoga), Ana Forrest (Forrest Yoga), Mark Whitwell (Heart of Yoga), Baron Baptiste (Baptiste Power Yoga), Brian Campbell (Body Work Yoga) and Duncan Wong (Yogic Arts) to name a few.

Elias is the founder of ‘True For You Yoga’ which is founded on the premise that each human will have their own personal relationship to yoga asana and consequently should listen to what feels right for their particular body. This philosophy is the backbone of Elias’ approach. He teaches yoga passionately with the emphasis on breathing, proper alignment, living fully in your body, and feeling good while you work in your yoga practice, and in turn your life.

Elias can be found teaching in several Northern California studios when he is not teaching yoga workshops and retreats locally and abroad. Over this 20+ years yoga journey, Elias interprets hatha yoga as: “The healing practice of bringing your body and breath in union with the life”.