Jacqueline began her Yoga Journey in The Hague, The Netherlands at Bikram Yoga Den Haag. At the time Jacqueline was a flight attendant and suffered from a lot of pain in her spine and her wrists. Three months after the Studio openend in 2006, Jacqueline signed up and noticed a change in her whole wellbeing pretty soon after.

She moved with her husband to Australia in 2007 and continued on her Yoga Journey in Brisbane. Always eager to learn, Jacqueline decided to go to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2008. Since graduating from TT she traveled all over the world to spread the Yoga Love and had the chance to meet many inspiring senior teachers, coaches, and some amazing yogi’s! After 2 years of traveling, in 2010 she decided to open her own Bikram Yoga Studio in Australia’s Capital, Canberra. There she was able to create one of Canberra’s first ever Yoga communities. Over a period of 4 years she lovingly created a welcoming Yoga Community, always making sure to keep growing herself as well by attending as many workshops and seminars around the world as possible. After 4 years she decided to sell the Studio to focus more on training and coaching new teachers. Her home base is now in Sydney where she teaches and coaches at different Yoga Studios and she is currently in the process of starting a coaching program for new Yoga Teachers. Jacqueline is very excited to be able to help the new Evolation teachers reach a new level of confidence, to see them grow into the best person they can possibly be: themselves.