Live-In Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Ashram Teacher Training Experience by Evolation Yoga


Live-in Yoga Teacher Training

Providing a unique twist to the common yoga teacher training program, our Live-in Yoga Teacher Training offers flexible training options with the convenience of (affordable) short term housing in a comfortable yoga Ashram style setting. Train to become a certified yoga teacher while you connect and live with a conscious yogic community.

We currently have two locations open for this special live-in teacher training experience, Santa Barbara and Buffalo, where you can choose to live and train for 4 months (with our 250-Hour Hot Yoga and 250-Hour Flow Yoga programs) or for 8 months (with our 500-Hour Hot, Flow and Yin Yoga program).

All experience levels are welcome from beginner level yogis to intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners but, spaces are limited so we encourage anyone interested to apply now for more information about program availability by location.


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Evolation Yoga Live-In Training Ashram Locations and Start Dates

Santa Barbara, California

  • September 9, 2019

Buffalo, New York

  • December 2, 2019


Live In Yoga Ashram Teacher Training Accommodations

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of a family style yoga Ashram setting surrounded by a community of fellow yoga enthusiasts supporting and collaborating with each other. The accommodations for our live in yoga teacher training programs are provided on four month and eight month training terms with all utilities and free wifi included for each trainee.

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Live-in Yoga Teacher Training Program and Curriculum

Our 4 month and 8 month live in yoga teacher training programs provide 250-500 hours of certified yoga teacher curriculum with three hours of training conducted per day, six days per week. All of our programs include yoga style specific lectures highlighting essential yoga history and philosophy; proper meditation and breathing techniques; posture mechanics and applicable corrections for injuries; yoga teaching best practices and live teaching time with group feedback provided for all trainees; recommendations about how to find and apply for new yoga teaching jobs; insights about the business side of yoga from studio ownership and collective efforts and more.

Teacher Training Curriculum Overview

Yoga History and Philosophy

  • History, philosophy and evolution of yoga

  • Practical (and tangible) yoga philosophy

  • Eight Limb Path of Yoga

  • Bhagavad-Gita

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • Teachings and lineage of Paramhansa Yogananda and Bikram Choudhury

The Art of Teaching

  • Teaching clinics

  • How to address a group of students

  • How to use your own body as a teaching tool

  • How to use your voice, volume, tempo, and pacing

  • How to correct postures

  • Choosing the right words

  • Energy, passion, confidence, humor

  • Using your own presence and Self-awareness as a transformative teaching tool

  • Smart and conscious sequencing

The Business of Yoga

  • Teacher guidelines & etiquette

  • Appropriate conduct inside and outside the yoga room

  • How to apply for a teaching position

  • Teacher expectations

  • Student interaction

  • Role playing

  • Feedback


  • What meditation is and why it’s practiced

  • Meditation techniques

  • Silencing the mind for deeper levels of awareness

  • Establishing a connection with nature and the world you live in

  • Connecting with the true Self

Asanas (Postures)

  • Daily classes

  • Posture mechanics

  • Knowledge of asanas

  • Foundational yogic anatomy & physiology

  • Subtle Anatomy & Chakric System

  • Alignment & how to avoid injuries

  • Modifications & adjustments

  • Medical benefits

  • How to read bodies

  • Balance between body, mind and breath

  • Sequencing

Pranayama (Breathing)

  • The use of breath as a transformative tool for Self-awareness

  • Breath control

  • Different breathing techniques

  • Exploration of benefits

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Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Certifications

Evolation Yoga is a registered yoga education school through Yoga Alliance and when you train with us and graduate from our programs, you will become certified to teach and further share the healing benefits of yoga with the world around you.


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Live In Yoga Teacher Training Experience with Evolation Yoga

"I just finished my Teachers training in Santa Barbara and I could not have had a better experience. The teachers are world class and the atmosphere in the studio warm. I got so much more out of the experience then I could have ever hoped for. Grateful."

Frida Bergh - Santa Barbara, CA Graduate


Tuition Costs and Payment Options

Live-in Yoga Teacher Training Program Tuition Fee

Santa Barbara, California
Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Live In Ashram Accommodations
$1,850 per month

Buffalo, New York
Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Live In Ashram Accommodations
$1,550 per month


Tuition fee payments can be made via credit card, check or bank transfer payments.  To reserve and guarantee your space, a 50% down payment is required for this training program with 2 monthly payments payable at the start of the training.

Payment Plans and Third Party Financing

We offer flexible payment plan options as well as third party financing for our teacher training programs. Contact us to discuss the payment options that will be best for you.


Live, Train, Transform

Come live and train with Evolation Yoga while you learn, grow and connect with a supportive community of fellow yogis living together and uplifting one another. Whether you’re able to work remotely as a digital nomad and train or you’re looking to train while you find a convenient short term rental space in a peaceful environment, our Live-in Ashram Yoga Teacher Training Programs will provide you with the opportunity to transform your life while you greatly enhance your personal yoga practice and your ability as a teacher. We have a limited amount of spaces available for our current live-in yoga training programs in Santa Barbara and Buffalo, send us a message to discuss availability and getting your spot reserved.

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Now Accepting Applicants for Our Live In Yoga Teacher Training Programs!


Cancellation Policy

Deposits for trainings are non-refundable. All money paid to Evolation Yoga for trainings is transferable for a credit to another Evolation Yoga training in the event that trainee is unable to attend the original training they booked. Please contact us directly for more details about our cancellation policy.

Extracurricular Activities (optional)

During your free time while you attend your yoga teacher training, we encourage you to study, practice and reflect upon your experience as much as possible but you are of course welcome to partake in extracurricular activities should you wish to do so. Simply let us know and we can and will help to provide you with tips, suggestions, recommendations and resources for local activities near to your training location.


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