Mark and Zefea: 100 Trainings Later

Almost a decade ago, Mark Drost & Zefea Samson founded Evolation Yoga as a way to provide a comprehensive and intimate training experience for students to study the traditional hot yoga Primary Series. As with most beginnings, the first few trainings started small, with the goal to create a supportive, inclusive environment to train teachers in the physical and spiritual practice. 

Over the past nine years, Evolation has grown massively, spreading out across the globe. From California to London to Melbourne, Evolation has become an international support network of yogis and studios in multiple styles. 

What do our co-founders have to say about it all? 

"When we started Evolation we had no idea what it would grow into. We started with the students from our studio. At that time very few people and studios offered teacher training, especially in the hot 26&2 tradition, so quickly other studios asked us to train their students or offer training at their studio. This is how we doubled the number of trainings every year. We saw the need of offering the training in flexible ways, not just full time immersions, but also extended, in modules, and in a big variety of places. We have always wanted to make the path to become a teacher as accessible as possible for those who truly want it. We also have always envisioned evolation as a collective and collaborative. We are so grateful for all the teachers with different backgrounds and experiences who have joined our efforts. With every training we continue to learn ourselves and that is how the trainings keep evolving. 

We feel so fortunate that, by embracing the yoga path in our lives, we have been able to manifest our biggest dreams. Now we love sharing our journey with you, so that you can do the same!"