Contest Winner: Nick Gonzalez

Congratulations to Nick Gonzalez, the winner of our YTT contest! Nick won a free yoga teacher training with a month of guided mentorship from Evolation co-founders Mark & Zefea. 

Read Nick's entry below.

"My next 30 Years I can see it now: me at 64, still ruggedly handsome, even under a coat of gray. Active as ever, I spend my days making updates to the house, hiking Montana’s beautiful wilds with my buddies, and teaching the occasional class at my yoga studio. Although it’s not my nature to be cocky or dramatic, I’m extremely proud of the reputation that I’ve quietly built in my community for being the best at what I do: imparting the gifts and power of yoga to those who need uplifting and encouragement – people who doubt the relevance and inspirational power of the practice, as I once did. It’s why I want to start my business in the first place. I was once a lost and hardened Army veteran, struggling to single-handedly keep my anxiety and PTSD under control. I didn’t need anybody, I never asked for help. But life has a way of pushing us into the changes we need most, and as I met my wife, moved to Montana, and started my family, it became clear that the only way out of my darkness was through it. Slowly, I began accepting help. With regular counseling and the support of my wife, I started making small changes that led to an entirely new and better lifestyle. I changed my diet, stopped using alcohol or any medication, and (reluctantly) tried yoga. It felt boring. Too quiet. Not enough action. But I pushed through, kept going, and soon, my body and mind felt an enormous shift. Yoga is a big part of what brought me back to life – made me a better husband and father, showed me how to push my own limits and achieve milestones I never before imagined. Now, I’m an entirely new person, and I’m ready to take on anything. In my next 30 years, I plan to share the power of yoga with as many people as possible. I plan to complete my instructor certification and pursue training in every type of yoga available. I plan to open my own studio, where everyone is welcome and nobody is beyond saving – even veterans like me. Right now, I’m 34 years young, and my next three decades are going to be action-packed and awesome. I want Evolation Yoga to be part of the journey. Your progressive approach and dedicated focus is the ideal environment to get the most out of training, and I’m a Carp kid, born and raised – it would be transformational to walk part of my path in my own hometown, a beautiful location that will always hold a special place in my heart. So, what do you say? Will you be part of my journey?"