3 ways to improve your health in 20 minutes a day


Improving your health can seem like an inherently daunting task, especially when you are bogged down with the responsibilities of daily life. However, researchers have found that when you consistently exercise for at least 20 minutes a day that it is enough to drastically improve your health. The body responds extremely well to small amounts of physical activity and basic lifestyle changes. So instead of browsing Facebook or watching TV set aside 20 minutes daily to engage in the following activities:


develop a daily yoga routine

Yoga is a holistic activity that can improve your health because it enhances flexibility, balance, strength, and mental health. The best part is that yoga can be done almost anywhere and with minimal equipment making it the ideal exercise to squeeze into a hectic schedule. Besides the physical benefits of yoga it will help you feel more at ease and calm despite the chaos of life. Set a mantra or a theme to help guide the creation of your routine. And as you begin finding a set of postures that help, don’t be afraid to change things up and add in more as you go to continually improve your health.

substitute takeout for a homemade meal

When you’re busy it can be an easy decision to just order takeout or swing by a fast food restaurant. Eating poorly for convenience can severely damage your health. Researchers have found that your arteries become damaged almost immediately after eating a junk food meal. To improve your health substitute a quick takeout option for a simple and healthy meal. There are a variety of healthy and tasty meals that can be prepared in twenty minutes or less. By preparing your own meal you are reducing your intake of calories, saturated fat, and sodium. Imagine it’s a Friday evening and you’re preparing for a classic pizza and movie night. Instead of picking up the phone to order a pizza consider a quick and healthy alternative, a simple homemade salad. You can put a variety of cheeses, fruits, nuts, chicken, avocados, eggs and so much more giving yourself more options while making making it healthier, cheaper, and prepared quicker than ordering a pizza.

Almost every one of your favorite takeout and fast food meals has a healthy homemade alternative. Don’t make the mistake of compromising your health for basic convenience.

go for a walk

A twenty-minute brisk walk has been found to be an exceptional low stress workout. Walking is an easy workout because you don’t need any equipment or gym memberships to engage in the activity, but the benefits are still vast. These benefits include the enhancement of your mental well-being, maintenance of body weight, and improvement of blood pressure. If you find walking to be a bore create an upbeat playlist that keeps you on pace and inspires you to workout. Another way to create more excitement is to find a walking partner who can hold you accountable and socialize with you. Squeezing in a daily twenty-minute walk is one of the most effective ways to improve your overall health.

Improving your health may seem like a daunting task, but simple changes can drastically help. Don’t sacrifice your health just because you feel you don’t have enough time or energy to do new things. Try adopting these methods into your daily routine for quick and efficient advances to your health.

Meghan Greene


Meghan Greene is a vital part of the SEO and Content Development team at The Marketing Zen & Samahita Retreat. Meghan attends Elon University, double majoring in Marketing and International Business.