#yogastory: transforming my hot yoga practice


why did you come to the training?

Because I wanted to learn more about the hot yoga practice. I wanted to teach and to share a way to practice yoga that allows people to live better. I wanted to understand more about this path and how to traverse through it. I also had personal reasons; to cut out what I was doing and adjust.

did you have a studio to teach at?

No I came to Mexico at the end of August and started my hot yoga practice. I did a short, local teacher training and started to teach a little on the weekends while taking evo training (one weekend on, next off). Now that I’m done with my evolation training, I’m teaching a little bit more. One fun thing I started a while ago was teaching four 4 year old kids at a house. Now we’ve moved into a studio and I’m hoping for more kids. I’ve found I really like teaching kids and would like to specialize more with kids.


when did you start practicing?

I started with Bikram yoga 2 years ago and practiced for a solid 8 months. I then moved away for the summer and couldn’t continue my hot yoga practice, because I was too busy working. I found a way to do a few postures every morning, but felt the postures were lacking. When I moved back to Italy I was able to start practicing again and haven’t looked back.

what was unexpected about the training?

A lot of things… Everything… Just about everything. I did not have a lot of expectations about the teacher training because I couldn’t imagine it. One thing that startled me was the fact that Mark and Zefea were there. It was really nice to meet them.

Another unexpected thing is how I’m feeling right now. I’m more connected with myself; I didn’t think that would happen. I truly found people I connected with. Personal way yes, but also another level and we were really different in personalities, nationalities, ages. This was amazing. I was convinced this training would break me from old life – didn’t exactly happen – and now I’m more grounded and connected because of that. Now things are smoother with more communication. Not a break in my life, but a bend. Strong women don’t break, they back bend.

what did you do with your free time?

Ha, there was no free time. I studied in my “free time.” During the free time I was not studying, I breathed and focused on my breath. I found it to be very grounding and really what I needed. I started by applying in my teaching and soon after in my life.

what was the most challenging aspect of your training?

Have you seen Frozen? Our mantra was “Let It Go” from that movie. We would run around singing that all day. And letting it go was the hardest thing we ended up doing. Surrendering. Understanding something and then watching it leave. Thirsty to absorb something and then throw it out. Still a little challenging to grasp. Useful, but no less easy because of its use.

Judgment was another challenge. More towards myself than others. I’ve always been very strict with myself. I didn’t feel apart of the group sometimes. I live right next to where the teacher training was happening and though it would be easier to keep my life and the teacher training apart. In some ways it was – going home to my bed each night – and some ways it wasn’t – feeling a bit out of the group. There were a few times I was wondering if I was missing something or somehow outside the group. I ended up judging myself for being different, even though the difference didn’t matter.

any plans for your future?

I want to travel to Santa Barbara or Tampa. I really don’t know what my future holds for me, but it would be cool to teach at one of those Evolation studios and to see Mark and Zefea again. I know being around them would help me in so many ways. Improve my teaching, deepen personal hot yoga practice, see how things are run, and everything.

My best friend is going to a Bikram Teacher Training in April. I will want to talk to her about corrections and hands on experience, but she won’t be getting that kind of knowledge or attention. Evolation has been more than what I could have hoped for.

I really fell in love with Mark and Zefea and all the teachers. Sure there is the fact that you love them because of the moment and they are perfect la la la – but I still appreciate them and the way they worked with us and the community. Even the staff and support system that I didn’t get to meet. You can really feel the sense of community. I also like having the possibility to teach in the states in the next years. They really embraced me with a full and open heart. I really appreciate it. I am very lucky.



Irene is from Italy and moved to mexico to work in resort in December of 2013. She had an opportunity to teach a few people at a time and kids while working at the resort and started to like it. Her first feedback from a student was a elderly lady that couldn't do tree pose. When Irene saw her student progress over the course of a week, Irene became inspired to learn how to aid everyone in the room, not just experienced practitioners. She turned to Evolation wanted to strengthen her teaching ability and is also interested in teaching more kids classes.