leaving evolation training and back to the real world

To read about Joe’s start in an evolation training, head to week 1 in the Milwaukee yoga teacher training

leaving evolation training milwaukee – halfway

When I signed up to take an evolation hot yoga training I knew that I would have to split my weeks. My first two weeks were scheduled in Milwaukee and I plan to finish in Santa Barbara. Two weeks are done. I’ll be leaving Milwaukee in the morning headed home to my family and work. It’s harder than I expected to leave behind a group of friends that I’ve grown really close to.

I don’t usually get that close to people but when you spend 24/7 with a group it’s hard not to bond. I feel like I’m losing out – having to take off mid-stream in the class. Everyone is encouraging me but I’m on a roll – I want to stay and complete my training!

In between Milwaukee and leaving, Joe spent two weeks in Santa Barbara to finish his training. Head here to read about his time splitting up an evolation training


leaving evolation training santa barbara – going home

I never expected this. Our last class in Santa Barbara led by Zefea and Maria – what a meaningful class. I have never been so physically, mentally, emotionally drained.

We left the Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara studio and headed back to the house for a light lunch and our graduation ceremony. It was a beautiful culmination to the day followed by our goodbyes to fellow trainees and teachers.

Reflecting on the past couple of weeks in Santa Barbara and the preceding weeks in Milwaukee I am so glad for the gift of Evolation. Immersion Training is a life changing experience. Well worth the effort. Well worth the commitment and dis-attachment required.

Now I head back to a world of identifiers. Back to a world of business. Back to a world of distraction. With an improved method for focusing, a practice I must embrace. A practice I must share through the gift of teaching.

Giving. I am.

Joe Emens


Joe recently completed his 250 hour hot yoga teacher training in Santa Barbara, CA after starting his journey in Milwaukee earlier this year.