splitting up an evolation training


To read about Joe’s start in an evolation training, head to week 1 in the Milwaukee yoga teacher training

santa barbara day 4

It seems like I just got here and already the first week is almost over. A couple of thoughts coming back to training since leaving the Milwaukee teacher training.

The training seems a little more intense here in Santa Barbara. Maybe because I’m walking into a group that already has a dynamic going? Maybe because the layout is so different? Maybe because there’s a hot training and flow training going at the same time?

I’m learning so much. That’s the most important thing. More teachers with more aspects. Different approaches.


The group of trainees here have welcomed me with graciousness. They are nice, encouraging, and fun to be around. An interesting group to be sure!

The people here at the house are all very nice. It is busy here. Mark and Zefea live here with their beautiful children. I have a roomie – Rahn – an accomplished teacher who is here to check out the training program. Susan and Maria, two of our instructors are here. Parveez is here working for Evolation (he’s a teacher as well – can’t wait to take his class). There’s a groundskeeper who quietly does a lot of different things around the place – inside and out. And the cooks Daphne and Ricardo – the food is wonderful! They are spoiling us all!

So what am I feeling? Learning that I have such a long ways to go. Physically, mentally, all around there is so much to learn, absorb, experience, process. It is immersion for sure. Parts are pretty overwhelming. The Deep/Yin yoga is stretching my limits. The flow yoga is a little more fun and athletic it seems. The meditation is somewhat confusing to me. I’m not getting the benefits yet. At times, it works in my head – other times I’m going through the motions with no obvious benefit. Something I will continue to ponder.

Silent lunches…. Ok. Quiet dinners – I have absolutely no appetite after class so the dinners have pretty much been a wash for me. I’m not a malcontent – just stating my observances.

Am I getting what I wanted out of training? Yes – still over the top. Will it be worth the effort in the end? That’s up to me – what I make of it. Can’t wait to see what comes!

Joe Emens


Joe recently completed his 250 hour hot yoga teacher training in Santa Barbara, CA after starting his journey in Milwaukee earlier this year.