this feels like where I am meant to be


day 1

Today all of the insecurities, the fear and self-doubt- that nagging little monkey that has spent the last 6 months chattering away on my shoulder piercing my confidence and causing me to question why on earth I thought I could be a yoga teacher… took a long walk off a short plank and for the first time I feel like I am in where I am meant to be.

Maria and Toddy our teachers are some of the most open, giving and inclusive people I have ever met. Their warmth and belief that you are already a teacher is addictive and affirming. The smile I have right now is from ear to ear and it feels fantastic!

The day started with a simple cleansing ceremony and a great chance to ground ourselves. I found this to be quite emotional- the only way I can describe this is that I felt I had ‘come home’ We then spent the morning getting to know each other- the nicest thing was every one was so willing to share their story, their background and were really interested in each other.

The dawning reality of how much we are going to learn this coming 4 weeks was evident when we spent the afternoon talking about alignment and going back to the mechanics of how our bodies centre themselves or how for many of us years of poor posture habits mean they don’t.
Tonight we shared a 90 minute hot class together with a wonderful energy in the room.

To say I am exhausted is an understatement… and I still have an hour or so to commit to learning dialogue and its 11PM.

I knew this was how it would be…. I am going to promise to pace myself, fill my heart with love for myself and take care of my body. I can already see this is going to be the best, in fact the only way, to get through the next month… Bring it on I say.

day 2

It’s day two and I already feel like I have taken in a lifetime of learning. Today we focused much of the day on alignment. Alignment, alignment, alignment. Breathe breathe breathe. The willingness to share of ourselves within our little community after two days is phenomenal- I can’t begin to imagine how I will feel about my evolation family after 28 days. There are lots of laughs, great stories being shared, a spirit of inclusiveness. Some very funny moments. If you can imagine 10 yogis standing around the edge of a pool in hot yoga gear all getting touchy feely and learning about correct posture and then the pool cleaning guy walks in and discovers the scene…. Well I don’t think he has had THAT pleasure in Abu Dhabi before!

Today’s learning felt to me like it is the beginning of the shedding of our egos. Form over depth. Correct alignment. Breathe. Say it again. Breathe. I feel like I am in a class for the first time again. The beginner. It is simultaneously refreshing, exhilarating and frustrating. We also had the opportunity to take Toddy’s 60 minute Hot Yoga class… that guy worked us through a meditation to the point that not one of us wanted to ever come out of savasana. We also delivered our first posture to the group. There was a lot of nerves, relief, joy, encouragement and lessons to be learned by us all. We are already being treated like teachers, encouraged to think like teachers and behave like teachers. Today I feel honoured… if not a little sore. But today more than ever I am ‘feeling’ Namaste… not just saying it.

Sally Ferris


Sally has been told she has an infectious laugh.... and it's loud. She would have to say she agrees, and it's because she feel very fortunate to have the life she has. Sally is an Australian living in Abu Dhabi. Some people would say she was an 'expat' but it's not all drinks on the terrace and designer shopping there. There is a lovely yoga community in Abu Dhabi full of warm wonderful people and Sally feels like she has found her 'tribe'. In her spare time between yoga classes Sally has squeezed in a career in radio and raising four children.