day by day in an evolation yoga teacher training


We have finished our second week already. It started out with a beautiful full harvest moon. We had a class that same night and it was very special. Our postures are improving with every class. I am learning so much about this yoga and how it applies to my body. Torrey came on Monday for our posture clinic. She has a way of explaining how the postures works and why. Later, we presented bow pose to Mark. I think I am getting more comfortable, but I have a ways to go. Tuesday morning, our study group went to the beach. It’s early and not crowded down there so we can teach each other on a beautiful, sandy beach looking our at the ocean. Balancing stick in the sand is a bit tricky, but it made us stronger. For our posture mechanics, we threw balls at each other and shouted the dialogue. Than, we presented ourside first using no words- than with grunts, then with an accent. It made me feel relaxed so I could say the dialogue without al those nerves. It sure was fun. Then, it was time for our night class; I kind of like it. It sure makes you sleep well.

day by day

Wednesday: I think we were all a little tired today. Our class with KelleyJane got us all energized. Of course, lunch prepared by Andrea gave us even more energy that we needed for our posture clinic with Torrey. We presented separate leg stretching. Every day, I get more confident and feel more like a teacher. After our evening lecture, I was so tired; a good nights sleep for a busy day tomorrow.


Thursday: Off to group study at the beach with my bike- fun and so helpful to practice with other people. Then, back to a wonderful class with the flow students teaching. It’s fun to practice a different yoga with all these wonderful yogis. Another great lunch and a jump into the pool- getting ready for our lecture on the chakras. I love learning about all of this. Tonight, we had a class with Zefea with only one light on. It was a beautiful experience. So tired- but an outdoors shower helps. Then, sleep is all I can think about.


Friday: I have not had meat now for 12 days and I don’t miss it at all. Andrea has prepared such amazing food; I don’t even think about it. Practice our dialogue on the beach- brings us peace and it’s fun. Another great hot class with Torrey and then a dip in the pool. Lunch and WOW I’m presenting my postures so much better! Every day, I think “have courage you can do this”. I have such support from my fellow trainees. It feels wonderful.

Saturday: The big day- where we present the entire standing series. But first, advanced class with Torrey and Zefea. That was hard- really hard, but I did it and I felt great! After lunch, we presented and we all did fantastic- I know after that I can teach this yoga. I am a teacher- happy trails until next week

Kathy Pierandozzi


Kathy is originally from Southern California and moved to Montana in 1974 to attend the University of Montana in Missoula. She has lived in Montana since then because of her love the outdoors and the fact that Montana provides plenty of places for fun outdoor activities. From skiing to cycling, Kathy enjoys all things outdoors. Kathy even taught skiing at a local ski area Snowbowl for 25 years. Coupled with 30 years of substitute teaching in the Missoula County Public School system, Kathy learned that she loves being around people and teaching anything. With that kind of drive, there is no doubt she will love teaching yoga as well.