#yogastory: patience, practice and passion

Day 14

Monday morning, week 3 of my evolation yoga teacher training!! WOW, half way through. Hard to believe. This has been quite the journey. I have learned so much about my practice and myself, my practice has changed immensely. I thought I was nailing the postures and little did I know so many of mine are out of alignment. So I have learned to make my self-practice slow and be patient. I hope to be practicing for years to come. It’s also beautiful to watch us all take the time with the practice. One of the best parts about class is finding the moments of stillness and the complete peace in the asana. Also, the class can never be perfect. Years can be spent redoing, redefining the practice. The beauty of it all too is this practice is accessible to everyone. I’m surprised with my energy level. Keeping up my stamina more than I would have imagined. Trying to eat more, drink plenty and sleep when I can. The one part I’m working on is teaching in front of my peers and the people I know so well. I would be less nervous to teach in front of strangers!!! Onward to the next two weeks! Patience, practice and passion.


Day 20

Week 4! Incredible the final week is here! I had so many fears headed into training and now the final week is upon us. It has been a fast, tremendous life changing journey thus far, I’m pumped to see how the final week shapes out! We have had Sundays off and that has been huge to reconnect with the family. I was incredibly nervous to leave my family and my three kids for this amount of time. I have so much attachment to them! I learned very quickly though to get the most out of this training I needed to detach a little bit from my loved ones. Remind myself that they are being well cared for, I love them just the same and will relish and cherish them the moments after training. My days are spent teaching. I need to keep up the forward momentum. After the time I have spent at training thus far and my commitment to the training. I strongly feel that teaching has definitely been my calling. Whether it was teaching dance, educating people on essential oils or now yoga. I feel I do have the power to connect with others and share what I know with them. Most importantly is to know what I am capable of and staying humble, compassionate and caring. Never stop learning and never be the “know-it-all.” If I don’t know, then I will accept I don’t know but I will find out. Moving ahead, looking toward the week, making more memories and even more connection to the other yoga trainees. Reminder: share my love, my passion and pour my soul into everything I do. Patience, practice and passion.

Tanya Case


Tanya has just finished Evolation's 250 hour training in Milwaukee. As a newly certified hot yoga instructor, Tanya is going back home one step further along her path.