#yogastory: beginning an evolation yoga training


July 13th 6:45am (day 1) – orientation

Not feeling any butterflies yet, instead more of an anxious feeling. Anxious to get started; to immerse myself in all that is yoga. (All that is within me). What is yoga? A feeling? A movement? Way of life? Understanding? LOVE?

I feel like yoga can be a lot of these things – it’s what it does for me, how it changes me, shapes me, radiates from me, ultimately changing my insight – my way of thinking, my intentions, my heart, my life. I am embarking on more than just yoga (hot) teacher training, but a lifestyle change as well as an eye opening, mind-opening, heart-opening journey & experience… So here it goes…. <3

July 13th 7:30pm (day 1)

All in all the first day at our evolation yoga training was a shorter day with orientation. I got to teach my first pose!
Interestingly enough, we didn’t start with pranayama (deep breathing) and instead we began with half-moon pose. This pose is easy, but challenging. There are so many points that contribute to building the foundation of the pose. It’s amazing how every detail of building a pose contributes to staying focused, being present, using the breath, and feeling grounded. You truly have (or gain, rather) a greater connection to your mind, body & spirit.


*mental note* Breath is key – it calms your mind & fuels your body. I was quickly transformed today – feeling as if I have already been here longer than a day.
☺ – Namaste

July 14th (Day 2) – training

After day 1 of my evolation yoga training, I already feel alive & more open! We ended day 1 early so today is the start of a new pose, new information, new day!

Today we began learning the next part of half-moon pose – backward bending with hands to feet pose. Doing that many backbend/hand to feet poses loosened up my spine but also gave me a pretty damn good workout. It’s interesting the amount of detail going into this pose. You really notice more subtle-tees within your body. Ever since I began practicing massage (almost 10 years ago), I’ve been more “in tune” and connected with my mind & body. But yoga (specifically hot yoga) has really opened my mind and heart to really heal and replenish myself. We (our class) had such a phenomenal lecture about the limbs of yoga and how asana is a part of hatha yoga. I never noticed how many limbs of yoga that there are and how each one can be beneficial to different people. Karma yoga is more in-depth than I had originally thought. (It was also great having teacher clinic outside!) We ending at 9:15 pm after beginning @ 8am! Whew!

Jul 15th (Day 3) – training – *Chakras*

Such a great class last night! I tried my hand at studying last night but we had such a deep class discussion that my brain just could not possibly absorb any more information.

My meditation practice in the beginning of this trip suffered quite a bit. I feel that there is so much to absorb. So much information. I have always been a seeker. A traveler, a wanderlust queen of sorts – even if it’s just in my head. Isn’t that where travel truly begins? (In our minds?) As children we have huge eyes, open minds and hearts, and so much love. Our imagination is endless and nonjudgmental. We travel everywhere, anywhere we could possibly dream of going – without reservations or worry. Studying the chakras tonight helped me understand how to re-awaken what has been somewhat (less open) and even blocked as I’ve grown into an adult.

The chakras are very powerful, if you van “recharge” them and allow energy to flow through and beyond. Enough for tonight…

July 18th (Day 6) – training

It has been a few since my last entry. Sometimes I find it hard to sleep, let alone write. So much of my evolation yoga training has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND what I could have possibly expected. Though, I was careful to not expect much because everything was going to be so new, and challenging. Yet uplifting and enlightening.

Hailey Elizabeth


Hailey is a recent graduate of the 250 hour Evolation Yoga Milwaukee hot training.