#yogastory: week two of my evolation yoga teacher training


Mid-week, nervous about (well possibly more anxious) actually teaching the standing series. I know I need to trust Gary and Francisco (and myself) when they say that we know more than we think; that all of the dialogue is truly in our heads.
Taught triangle pose and oh my god is that a hell of a pose to do, but even more intense to teach! Definitely more challenging than most other standing postures.

In week two of my evolation yoga teacher training, I must trust myself more. I can do this. I WANT TO DO THIS. I NEED TO DO THIS. I keep telling myself that when my energy is lagging and my mind tries to wander and make excuses, it is just trying to stop my progress. After all, we are all human. We can only keep trying and doing our best.


I know the third week of my evolation hot yoga teacher training will be more challenging energy wise. But my mind and will are strong – others have done this, as will I.

I feel, the more I learn, the more I continue to seek and love and feel and flourish. My calling, as I’ve grown these past 12 years (since I’ve been on my own), has slowly morphed more and more into helping others, healing, guiding and sending/receiving love & compassion. Teaching others about these things is important. It can, and has been challenging.

I did the challenge ☺

I’m excited to see all the places and meet all the people along my path of life (and the many side detours and shortcuts) and “long” ways I go.

“Keep on keepin’ on.” – Anonymous

Hailey Elizabeth


Hailey is a recent graduate of the 250 hour Evolation Yoga Milwaukee hot training.