#yogastory: my enlightening meditation

something so enlightening…

I had such an intense meditation experience last night. For our daily class lecture (intellectual discussion – as our teacher Gary likes to call it) we go into some deep stuff, lots of eastern philosophy. Buddha, Yogananda, etc. namas, niyamas, and the limbs of yoga etc. Every class is so awesome! Just when I didn’t think it could go deeper, it does and my mind opens up more – becoming more receptive to what my teachers (Gary and Francisco) are telling us and let it all set in. Francisco guided us through a fantastic attuning of our chakras.


First, seated in meditation, we were talked through each chakra, one by one, starting at the root (red) singing the word associated with that specific chakra. *there are specific notes that help us tune each chakra.* Also with eyes closed we visualized each color associated with each chakra. What beauty?! At first, my colors (certain ones) seemed dim → blocked perhaps? But after the seated meditation, we then laid down in savasna and visualized the energetic flow through all of the chakras. All of a sudden, as if light turned on, my chakra colors blossomed and flourished! It was amazing! It were as if I was underwater and someone dumped each color letting each color cloud shape shift and slowly morph into the next.

Then I reached my crown (and either) chakra violet. It was so bright, beautiful, and vibrant, it literally hurt my eyes/ magnificent. I began to tear up in awe. My heart fluttered and a warm soft white light encompassed me, I felt calm and secure. I couldn’t speak nearly ten minutes after that meditation, more did I want to. Just peacefulness.

Never have I ever experienced a meditation quite like that, especially to that magnitude.

Hailey Elizabeth


Hailey is a recent graduate of the 250 hour Evolation Yoga Milwaukee hot training.