“Do one thing every day that scares you” -- Eleanor Roosevelt


“Will I be able to do this in a room full of strangers?
Am I worthy enough to guide them to this space?”
-- Alicia on Day 6

Do any of the roller coaster of thoughts above resonate with you?

Do you feel intimidated by the idea of taking a yoga teacher training? Is it hard, or impossible, to imagine yourself guiding a room full of yogis? You’re not alone. The following are some of the main concerns many people have before embarking on their yoga journey – maybe you can relate:

Experience Level:
“I haven’t been practicing for long enough” 
“I can’t even do (fill-in-the-blank) posture properly, so how could I teach it to anyone!”

Every single trainee begins from a different experience level. Teaching is an art as well as a science, and is quite separate from practicing. You don’t need an amazing practice to be a mindful and caring teacher. Consider that Tiger Woods doesn’t get coached by someone who is a better golfer than him.

“I get too nervous speaking in front of groups of people”

Many people in the trainings have anxiety around public speaking, one of the most common social anxieties. However, the safe and supportive environment we create in each training actually helps our trainees eliminate this fear, for good. 

“I could never memorize all those postures, it’s impossible!” 

There are highly skilled trainers and powerful techniques and resources that are fully equipped to ensure you feel confident enough to teach a full class by the end of your training, in fact, you will be doing exactly that! As one of our trainers said, by the end of the training you’ve already taught so much that it’s kind of like you never have to teach your first class.

Fear of Failure: 
“What if I make a fool of myself? What if I just don’t have what it takes?” 

Fear of failure is universal, but if we always listened to that voice, we would never do anything to better ourselves, to expand, to grow, to live into our potential. 

It’s a lot like falling out of a posture, what do you do? You get right back in it and try again. The only real way to fail, is to not try again.

Fear not! Evolation Yoga Yoga Teacher Trainings are truly designed to bring this gift to anyone who is drawn to the idea of deepening their practice or teaching. Our trainings are designed to help people from any experience level, age, gender, and fitness level to thrive and be ready to teach by the end of the training. We’ve had yogis who’ve been practicing for 10+ years that train alongside brand-new yogis, and all come out able to teach a powerful, effective, and often inspiring yoga class. 

Take Henry for example, one of our teacher trainees currently in Hawaii, talking about his limited yoga experience:


Confidence is your true natural state, and it reveals itself quite naturally once the doubts and fears subside. You are already perfect, whole and complete. And from the ground up, the Evolation Yoga Teacher Training process has been intentionally designed to help you return to your true natural state, to your true Self.

So do something everyday that you thought would always scare you. The day to take your first step is today. Every step gets less scary. And after the fear comes accomplishment. Accomplish your dreams for your life. To begin to find out about our life transforming  yoga teacher training programs, click this button!