The Yogic Benefits Of Community Living


Perhaps you’ve heard the words “community living” popping up more and more in recent years. Have you ever considered it for yourself?

What about living in a spacious home with an in-house chef, private beach access, and a group of like-minded individuals to live, breathe and practice yoga with for 30 days? Does this appeal to you? If so, then give some serious consideration to immersing yourself in one of Evolation’s last few Teacher Trainings on the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawaii.

There are many reasons why community living has become more popular. Here’s why we think it’s beneficial, in terms of experiencing the yogic path through an immersive yoga teacher training.


Cultivating Rich Intercultural Relationships

The experience of living with people of different cultures from all over the world is a benefit of teacher training. Evolation trainings are filled with diverse trainees and trainers. We currently have participants from Sweden, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.  


Lifelong Friends

In addition to becoming a certified Yoga Teacher, you will also be making lifelong friends who have shared in your unforgettable yoga teacher training experience. We build relationships and learn acceptance and compassion by gaining exposure to each others’ practices and ideologies.



Building your yoga network. Connections made through yoga teacher trainings can help you to find teaching positions at different studios around the world. One day you could find yourself practicing and/or teaching at a studio in Rome, Leeds, Bali, or of course Hawaii! The possibilities are endless!



The training consists of long days of learning, teaching, and practicing yoga. You will be surrounded by other yogis who will inspire you with their life stories, their yoga practice and their knowledge. Each individual brings their own talent and style to the program under the training umbrella of Yoga.  


Support System

Having the support of your fellow yogis throughout the training is  invaluable.These people understand the challenges of your yoga experience and are always available to lift you up and show support through the journey. Some days are tougher than others; having people close to you to lean on when you need a little extra support is comforting.


Life Skills

This experience also gives you a chance to practice effective    communication. As you may already know or have experienced, yoga is a discipline that builds one’s self confidence through communication and movement. The community living environment is a great way to put living more mindfully immediately into practice.


Self Awareness Skills

Cultivating awareness of mind, body, and spirit is the holistic yoga approach. You will be surrounded by your yoga family and also have plenty of alone time to enhance your self-awareness through self reflection. A successful and harmonious inner existence creates real and lasting success with our external relationships, because we first strive to understand ourselves.  


So if one or more of the above benefits or experiences have been calling to you for a short or a long while, then now is the time -- come to Hawaii with us and immerse yourself for 30 days in a caring, conscious, community environment that we guarantee will re-introduce you to the power and presence of your true Self.