Week One Yoga Challenge: Stretching Back


Week One Challenge: “Stretching Back”

Prize: Yoga Retreat in Hawaii


This week we kicked off our 100th yoga teacher training in Buffalo, NY with our founders Mark Drost and Zefea Samson.

Nine years, 26 locations, and over 1,000 graduates later, evolation has reached this milestone; an extraordinary journey of yoga.

Warrior III/Balancing Stick is a balancing pose that requires you to stretch back while reaching forward - all the while cultivating strength and support. That is how we are looking at this achievement. We want to celebrate our history – how far we’ve come – as well as the excitement for what the future holds. And we want to celebrate by really connecting with all of you; past, present, and future students & teachers.

We will be hosting four weekly challenges throughout the month of June, with some very exciting yoga prizes. Stay tuned on Mondays, when we will post the details of each challenge on Facebook, Instagram, and here on our website. Every weekend we will announce the winners.

Week one’s prize will be two spots at our yoga retreat in Hawaii. The following 3 weeks will be more geared towards yoga teacher training…

The theme this week is “stretching back”.


Here’s how to enter:

- Post a photo from your early days of yoga on Instagram and/or Facebook.

- Share with it how you began your yoga journey! Why did you go to your first class, and what did you think of it? What made you want to go back? Share whatever you think is meaningful about the beginning of your personal practice.

- Use the hashtag #evolation100 and tag us in your photo.

- Make sure your photos/account are set to “public” so we can see it.


Good luck, yogis! We look forward to hearing your stories.