How to Improve Your Alignment

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Would you like to learn how to have the correct alignment in your yoga practice? Evolation Yoga Teacher Training offers hands on assistance with the how and why of both the hot and flow posture sequences.

1. Alignment

Posture mechanics is all about alignment! Students receive an up-close and detailed breakdown of each posture and it’s proper alignment, so you have a better understanding of your postures. For example, in Standing Head to Knee, we learn the key element of the posture is a strong standing leg. We teach why this is so, as well as how to best achieve that foundation before we build more onto our posture, and eventually touch the forehead to the knee. More importantly, by learning correct alignment, you’re also protecting yourself and your students from potential injuries. We hear again and again that It’s one of the most valuable and eye-opening aspects of our trainings!

2. Benefits

Practicing yoga is an amazing holistic practice that can benefit practically every facet of your daily life. With correct alignment, you will not only improve your yoga practice, but better and maintain your posture and spinal health well into old age.  Our day-to-day lives consist of so much sitting hunched over laptops and screens, and your solid practice can counteract that strain on your spine. The benefits don’t stop at your physical appearance; they can also significantly improve the function of your internal systems as well. For example, in Wind Removing pose, we learn how this posture massages your ascending and descending colon to help balance and improve your digestive system.

3. Deepening Your Practice

Evolation does a thorough job on preparing trainees for all aspects of practicing and teaching. By the end of each TT, graduates leave with a deep understanding of each posture for their own practice, and also all of the information needed to be a well-rounded and knowledgeable teacher. By expanding your understanding of alignment, set-up, and modifications, you can improve your body-awareness and your overall yoga experience. Whether you’ve been practicing for 10+ years or 3 months, proper alignment and understanding will help you to receive the optimal benefits intended with each pose.