Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Santa Barbara, California

4 Weeks 250hr Hot Yoga Certification Training with Evolation Yoga


250-Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training Program

Whether you're looking to begin sharing your love for hot yoga as a certified teacher or you're just interested in expanding your practice as a student, our yoga immersion teacher training programs are designed to enable you to learn, grow and evolve on your yoga journey.

Join us in Santa Barbara, California for a life changing four week yoga teacher training led by knowledgeable senior yoga instructors who will support and empower you each and every step of the way.

Now Enrolling for 250-Hour Hot 26+2 Yoga Teacher Training in Santa Barbara, California

  • October 14, 2019 - November 9, 2019

  • March 2, 2020 - March 28, 2020

  • March 30, 2020 - April 25, 2020

  • July 6, 2020 - August 1, 2020


We also have yoga teacher training in California available as shorter duration yoga training “Modules” with each module focusing on set specific concepts of yoga teacher training. If you’re interested in training but not sure yet about the timing and commitment, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our training modules to see which ones would be of most interest and availability for you. Module schedule below.

2019 California Yoga Teacher Training Modules Schedule

  • Module #1: October 14, 2019 - October 21, 2019

  • Module #2: October 23, 2019 - October 30, 2019

  • Module #3: November 1, 2019 - November 8, 2019

  • Module #4: October 14, 2019 - October 21, 2019

  • Module #5: October 23, 2019 - October 30, 2019

  • Module #6: November 1, 2019 - November 8, 2019

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Serene Studio Setting for the Santa Barbara Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara is one of evolation’s main teacher training hubs. This means that classes are taught by highly experienced teachers and teacher trainers, along with newly certified, and almost certified teachers. From each and every one you will learn something new and different. The studio is located in the quaint beach town of Carpinteria. It hosts two rooms, one for the hot classes and one unheated. It has a warm and cozy feel, so that when you walk in you feel immediately like you are being wrapped in a warm yoga hug. After class you can cool down in the private back yard or take a short walk (or drive) for a dive in the ocean!


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Teacher Training Accommodations

The 4-Week 250hr Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Evolation Yoga in Santa Barbara will be hosted on a private one-acre gated estate surrounded by mountains and green landscape featuring majestic views and Southern California sunshine.  Both private and shared lodging accommodations are available on a first come, first served basis for this teacher training so please inquire to ensure your preferred space.

Have questions about the accommodations for this teacher training? Let us know.


Foods Served During this Teacher Training

We provide an all-inclusive food program consisting of healthy (and quite delicious) vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals prepared by our on-site private chefs. We are always more than happy to try and accommodate for dietary requests relevant to specific restrictions and/or food allergies.  Please just let us know in advance so that we can prepare accordingly for you.

Send us a message with any specific food questions or requests that you may have.


Getting to and from Santa Barbara for the Hot Yoga Teacher Training

This hot yoga teacher training takes place in Santa Barbara, California specifically in the Carpinteria and Montecito area of Santa Barbara County. All local taxi service providers (typical taxi's, Uber and Lyft) are available in and around the area along with other local public transportation services like the Santa Barbara Airbus and more. Transportation is not provided to or from this teacher training but we can always help to provide additional information and make suggestions for your convenience.

Send us a message if you have any questions about getting to and from this training.


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Meet the instructors for the Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Santa Barbara


Zefea Samson

Zefea had her first experience with yoga at the age of four, when her parents practiced with the renowned teacher Angela Farmer in the Iyengar tradition. She graduated from Bikram’s teacher training in 2005 and represented the Netherlands as the Dutch gold medalist three times in the international yoga championships, all those years finishing in the world’s top ten. In 2009 Zefea and her husband, Mark Drost, founded evolation in a desire to evolve the way the primary hot series is passed on and focus on a collective and community approach. They have conducted hot yoga teacher trainings since. Over 100 trainings and more than 1000 trainees later, Zefea feels that they truly have developed an inspiring and effective service. Zefea is thrilled to be working together with so many amazing teachers. In every training she keeps learning and growing herself and aims to improve further on what she can offer her students.


Mark Drost

Mark, along with his wife Zefea, is the co-founder of evolation yoga. He has been studying yoga, the philosophy of yoga, and meditation for his entire adult life. He has been practicing Bikram Yoga for over 20 years and started teaching in 2001. He has taught in hundreds of studios around the world and mentored several hundred teachers. He has founded or co-founded many studios.  His inspiration for his yoga journey is to create union in the lineage of Paramhansa Yogananda. Mark brings his 35 years of experience in this tradition to his teaching. He applies this principle of inclusion to all his classes, in which he enriches the heated hatha yoga espoused by Bikram Choudhury, with a deeper focus on meditation and breathing.

Ask the Instructors

Send the instructors a direct message with any questions that you may have


Curriculum for the Santa Barbara Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Expand your knowledge of yoga and enhance your ability to teach as you gain a better understanding of the practice through Evolation Yoga's dedicated hot yoga immersion training's.  We are here to help you reach your highest potential while we share in this healing practice together. Our yoga teacher training programs will provide you with the space and tools to move forward on your personal path, regardless of your practice level, prior training or teaching experience.

Teacher Training Curriculum

Yoga History and Philosophy

  • History, philosophy and evolution of yoga

  • Practical (and tangible) yoga philosophy

  • Eight Limb Path of Yoga

  • Bhagavad-Gita

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • Teachings and lineage of Paramhansa Yogananda and Bikram Choudhury

The Art of Teaching

  • Teaching clinics

  • How to address a group of students

  • How to use your own body as a teaching tool

  • How to use your voice, volume, tempo, and pacing

  • How to correct postures

  • Choosing the right words

  • Energy, passion, confidence, humor

  • Using your own presence and Self-awareness as a transformative teaching tool

The Business of Yoga

  • Teacher guidelines & etiquette

  • Appropriate conduct inside and outside the yoga room

  • How to apply for a teaching position

  • Teacher expectations

  • Student interaction

  • Role playing

  • Feedback


  • What meditation is and why it’s practiced

  • Meditation techniques

  • Silencing the mind for deeper levels of awareness

  • Establishing a connection with nature and the world you live in

  • Connecting with the true Self

Asanas (Postures)

  • Daily classes

  • Posture mechanics

  • Knowledge of asanas

  • Foundational yogic anatomy & physiology

  • Subtle Anatomy & Chakric System

  • Alignment & how to avoid injuries

  • Modifications & adjustments

  • Medical benefits

  • How to read bodies

  • Balance between body, mind and breath

  • Sequencing

Pranayama (Breathing)

  • The use of breath as a transformative tool for Self-awareness

  • Breath control

  • Different breathing techniques

  • Exploration of benefits

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Accredited Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certifications

Evolation Yoga is honored to be a registered Yoga Alliance yoga school enabling fellow yogis to expand their yoga practice through accredited teacher training programs. Upon completion of the four week, 250 hour Immersion Training, you will receive a RYT 200-Hour registration certificate through Yoga Alliance and you will be fully certified (and ready) to teach hot 26+2 series yoga classes.


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Hot Yoga Teacher Training Experience with Evolation Yoga

When you train with Evolation Yoga, you will practice with other fellow yogis under the leadership and guidance of some of the most passionate yoga instructors on the planet. It is our mission to empower aspiring yogis with the fundamentals necessary for them to continue pushing forward on their respective yogic paths. Come join us in Santa Barbara for a truly memorable hot yoga teacher training experience while you become a part of a community that will be there to support you for a lifetime.


"I just finished my Teachers training in Santa Barbara and I could not have had a better experience. The teachers are world class and the atmosphere in the studio warm. I got so much more out of the experience then I could have ever hoped for. Grateful."

Frida Bergh - Santa Barbara, CA Graduate


Tuition Costs and Payment Options

250-Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Santa Barbara Tuition Fee

Teacher Training
250 Hour Teacher Training Certification

Meal Plan Teacher Training
250 Hour Teacher Training Certification with Daily Meals

Housing Plan Teacher Training
250 Hour Teacher Training Certification with Daily Housing Accommodations

All-Inclusive Teacher Training
250 Hour Teacher Training Certification with Daily Meals and Housing Accommodations


Tuition fee payments can be made via credit card, check or bank transfer payments.  To reserve and guarantee your space, a down payment of $2,000 USD is required for this training program.

Early Bird Discount

Our Early Bird Discount rate is $3,900 USD for this training. Save $500 USD on this training with our Early Bird Discount when you pay $3,900 USD in full at least 90 days prior to the start of your training.

Payment Plans and Third Party Financing

We offer flexible payment plan options as well as third party financing for our teacher training programs. Contact us to discuss the payment options that will be best for you.


It's always sunny in Santa Barbara

Well known for its sunny beaches, vibrant art scene and health conscious lifestyle community, Santa Barbara offers a perfect setting for yoga teacher training programs with plenty of space for growth, development and utter enjoyment.  Training spaces are limited, send a message to reserve your space with us in Santa Barbara.

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Now Accepting Applicants for Hot Yoga Teacher Trainings in Santa Barbara!


What's Included In This Training

  • Evolation Yoga designed training course materials and essentials

  • Training book reading lists

  • Hands-on support and assistance all throughout the training

  • Live teaching practice time for all trainees

  • 250 hours of hot yoga teacher training education

  • Yoga Alliance® RYT Certification

  • Lifetime of support for all Evolation Yoga alumni

  • Free training repeats for all Evolation Yoga alumni

Cancellation Policy

Deposits for trainings are non-refundable ($2000 for 250 hours training). All money paid to Evolation Yoga for trainings is transferable for a credit to another Evolation Yoga training in the event that trainee is unable to attend the original training they booked. Please contact us directly for more details about our cancellation policy.

Extracurricular Activities (optional)

During your free time while you attend your yoga teacher training, we encourage you to study, practice and reflect upon your experience as much as possible but you are of course welcome to partake in extracurricular activities should you wish to do so. Simply let us know and we can and will help to provide you with tips, suggestions, recommendations and resources for local activities near to your training location.