Villavicencio, Colombia


Calle 34 # 36-51 Barzal

Villavicencio, Colombia

+57 8 6607843


PHONE: +57 8 6607843



We work day by day at Casablanca Asana Yoga, to create a safe teaching environment, as an important act of love, sharing the love of practicing yoga and its profound effects on everyone.

Our different kinds of practice invite you to start a journey with your breath and makes it easier to let go of what’s going on outside, letting the benefits be within yourself, beyond the physical aspects of it. It lets you connect with deeply what is really happening on the inside, in your heart.

Casablanca Asana Yoga is a safe place that you can call home, it’s a place where you can just be present on your mat, express yourself freely and the most important part, you can have fun and let go.

Casablanca Asana Yoga is committed to help you develop the capacity to connect and integrate your mind with your body, through our four types of asana practice, all of them with different benefits but with the same physical and metal goal:

Vinyasa Hot Yoga
Vinyasa Power Yoga
Yin Yoga
26 +2 (Bikram) Hot Yoga